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EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition

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EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition!

As customer demands continue to evolve, Wilcom understands the importance of adaptability. Today, we’re excited to unveil EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition, a game-changing new release. With its array of new features, flexible payment options, and seamless multi-device access, this software is designed to empower our customers to work wherever they work best. 

Explore the exciting future of decorated apparel design with us…

What's New!

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition - Dongle Free

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition is available for convenient download and activation. Enjoy hassle-free access to your software!

Enjoy a 14-Day FREE Trial that grants you access to seven exclusive how-to videos, all conveniently downloadable from Wilcom’s website.

Even better, Wilcom now provides an alternative to upfront payment through Subscription Plans. One-time purchases are still available for all product levels.

Subscription plans, tailored specifically for the Designing level, guarantee cost-effective payment options, ongoing updates, and free technical support.

To illustrate, when there is a full version update, subscription customers will automatically receive the latest version at no extra cost as long as they maintain their subscription plan.

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition

Plus, over 50 added features

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing now includes 7 of our most popular add-on Elements as standard, delivering over 50 new individual Productivity/ Creativity features, including CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023. Let’s see this massive list of new features!

New Features


Multiple Offsets with Independent Properties

13 object type options and 3 overlapping options


Offset Open Outline Shapes

10 object types and 3 side options


Liquid Effect Curving Stitching


Florentine Effect Curved Stitching


Accordion Spacing

8 pre-sets


Mirror Merge

    7 options


Color Blending

 9 pre-sets


Cross Stitch


Stipple Stitch


Stipple Backstitch


Stipple Stemstitch


Contour Stitch


Contour Stitch Even Density


Spiral Stitch


Convert Spiral to Other Outline Types


Spiral Center Point Edit


Reef PhotoStitch


Color PhotoStitch


Photo Flash


CorelDRAW® 2023


Enhancements to Smart Design, Color PhotoStitch, Photo Flash, and Reef Photo Stitch. Plus, Sequins Advanced Element.

Support for the Coloreel ‘CSE’ file format. Export designs to stitch with automatic color changes on a Coloreel device.

Support for the Coloreel ‘CSE’ file format. Export designs that will stitch with automatic color changes on a Coloreel device.

Support for Hatch 3 ‘EMB’ files and enhanced PES and Barudan FDR-3 files.

Download, install, and activate your software with a digital license on up to 3 devices. Please note that only one device can be actively used at any given time.

Wilcom’s commitment to empowering embroidery businesses shines through in this cutting-edge release.

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