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Features for embroiderers in CorelDRAW 2020

The best features in CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2020 for embroiderers

by Eduardo Serje & Maria Palma


ENHANCED – Corel PowerTRACE™ allows you to convert bitmap images, such as JPEGs, into vector images, with the powerful Artificial Intelligence. (The artifact removal and upsampling are built into the process to help improve the quality of the source bitmap as you trace it).

Enlarge low resolution JPG's

NEW FEATURE – This great NEW feature gives you the options of enlarging and cleaning up a web JPG into the desired logo size without losing resolution. This could be a game changer for companies who constantly receive low resolution file for digitizing.

Variable Font

NEW FEATURE – Manipulate and change the font appear on the fly without having to rely on the preset styles in the font family. Some of the options can be quite creative.

Add Effects to Text

This video teaches you some of the fun effects you can apply to text in CorelDRAW, using the Interactive Effects and Shape toolboxes.

Substitute and Embedded Fonts

This video will cover default text properties, font substitution, and font embedding in CorelDRAW.

Languages and Special Characters

Use special characters and glyphs, as well as learn about characters from other languages.


This video teaches you more than the heading suggests. If you are interested in graphic design, you will find it amazing. If not, the start of the video will show you how to create symmetrical designs.

Fit Objects to Path

This feature can be extremely usefully when creating logos and designs.

Check & Fix Customer Artwork

Learn some basic steps to analyze customers’ art files and understand some critical checkpoints.

10 Tips to Check Artwork

Dig deeper to analyze customers’ art files and understand some critical checkpoints.

CorelDRAW.App: Cloud-based, sharing, & collaboration

Easily review and approve designs within CorelDRAW web browser. The fonts used are embed into the file and viewable by others.

Collaboration Workflow

NEW FEATURE – Invite reviewers and approvers to view, annotate, and comment on the design directly on your CorelDRAW design files using

Learn to use the integrated CorelDRAW 2020 software, and with a single click be digitizing in EmbroideryStudio using all the creative stitch types and features you love.

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Update 2 is bundled with CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2020

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