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Maze Fill

Amazing Maze

Fill any vector shape with a run stitch where you set the spacing and the stitching never crosses itself.

Maze Spacing

The stitch type  gives a stunning effect with the click of a button but when used in conjunction with some of the other features in EmbroideryStudio 4.5 you can achieve some exciting artistic effects.
In the video below I show how to combine Maze Fill with the remove overlaps feature and Advanced Offsets.


I really like the hand stitch effect in the design. If you would like more information on that see the link here  Hand Stitch Effect, or contact us below.

Please don’t forget to submit a picture of where you live or work with a brief description of yourself your  business and location if  you would like to feature  in our next video..

I look forward to hearing from you   Cheers  John

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2 thoughts on “Maze Fill

    1. Thanks Joy,
      We were there a couple of years ago for the wedding of one of our sons. Looking forward to returning one day.
      Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂


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