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Motif as a Stamp

Easter Eggs and Flower Motifs

There are four methods of adding a motif pattern to an Embroidery Design in EmbroideryStudio 4.5

  1. Individually placed randomly (Stamp)
  2. As a Run
  3. As a Column
  4. As a Fill

Each of these applications is based on the same library of Motif shapes.


To select the motif you wish to use as a stamp you must select the motif from any of the sets by opening the Fill or Outline

Procedure to Select a Motif

Choose from either Motif outline properties 1 or 2


Motif Fill properties 3 or 4

Make your selection 5

Then activate the Individual motif Tool 7 and click where you need the motif to be placed.

The motif has an anchor/rotation point, Left-clicking once then moving the mouse will rotate the motif, at the same time holding down the SHIFT key will resize the motif and a second click will place the motif and you can move to the next location for a new placement.

If you do not need to resize or rotate left-click once followed by ENTER or SPACEBAR ensuing motifs can be placed by moving the mouse then ENTER or SPACE without the need for a left-click.

ESC key will deactivate the tool when you are finished.

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