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Ever wanted to digitize dazzling sequin designs? EmbroideryStudio already offers a Single Sequin Element for the creation of single sequin runs and fills. EmbroideryStudio e4.5 now also supports twin and multi-sequin design.

Create dazzling
multi-sequin designs

Multi-sequin designs are digitized for twin- and multi-sequin machines, including double-twins. These are available in the Sequins Advanced Element.

Digitize multiple color sequin designs that are ready to run on compatible sequin dispensing machines. Create patterned sequin runs, fills, and borders, with either single or stacked sequins

Multi-sequin fills can be repeating in columns or in stipple form.

Dazzling Multiple color sequin jacket


Firstly from the Sequin toolbar, prepare the palette and sequins for use. Specify shape, front color, reverse color, transparency, size, and hole size.

Then set the desired sequin/s, layer, spacing, fixing type and pattern from Object Properties docker – EmbroideryStudio will automatically adjust as necessary for new or selected objects.

Simply digitize sequin run and fill objects as normal and EmbroideryStudio will take care of the rest.


Once a sequin object is created, it can be re-sized or re-shaped as other embroidery objects. You can edit individual sequins using the Sequin Edit tool. You can also modify sequin color, pattern, and so forth. You can even take existing vector artwork and convert directly to sequin runs.​

Objects are processed up to 100x Faster!

The Sequin Advanced Element features

  • Sequin Run (multi)
  • Sequin Fill (multi)
  • Sequin Stipple Fill
  • Stack sequins
  • Transparent sequin support
  • Flip sequins
  • Pattern stamp twin-sequin fills 
  • Custom sequin shapes and hole positions
  • Custom fixing stitches

It’s all FREE if you already own the Sequins Advanced Element!

All new features in the Sequin Advanced Element are available as an add-on for EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing & Digitizing

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