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Reef Photo Stitch Element

Create intriguing designs and stay ahead of the competition with

Reef Photo Stitch Element

You may have thought that Wilcom’s photographic Elements are only used for faces and pets. Well, try the new Reef Photo Stitch on ANY high contrast photographic image and watch the magic happen.

Import ANY bitmap into EmbroideryStudio e4.5. Use the Reef Photo Stitch Element to adjust the settings producing a high contrast black and white image. With a single click of a button, instantly create a unique artistic embroidery design!

Create logos that are sure to impress

The stitches, reminiscent of a coral reef, concentrate in darker areas and never cross each other, creating a soft, flexible embroidery.

Reef Photo Stitch

The finished design is low in stitch count with only a single trim. 

Another creative way to open up stitch density for large rear logos, reducing machine run time and customer cost.

Logo using Reef Photo Stitch Element

REEF PHOTO STITCHthe latest in the collection of Wilcom’s photographic Elements
 and new to EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing.

How could you use it in your business?

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