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$10,000 bounty awarded to ‘insider’ for reporting enterprise software piracy

Wilcom International continues to work hand-in-hand with the Business Software Alliance, tracking down and fining software pirates all across the globe. A highly successful tactic has been the use of a bounty, rewarding informants for taking a moral and ethical stance.

It was in our very own back yard here in Australia, that the BSA rewarded an anonymous informant with a $10,000 reward when they tipped off a company using pirated CAD and productivity software. The result was a $160,000 settlement to avoid any further and more serious prosecution.

“We work in a competitive industry and while we’re all trying to get ahead, it didn’t feel right using infringing copies of software to give the business an unfair competitive advantage.”
(told BSA under the condition of anonymity)

Expanding our anti-piracy programs into many countries, including the USA

Wilcom is further expanding its anti-piracy program, and is now working with new partners in many countries including the USA, where it gained immediate success with a USA based company who have now legalized all their pirated EmbroideryStudio systems.

Wilcom will continue in its efforts to detect and take action against software piracy and will continue to expand the program into more countries during the coming year.

The benefits of going legal…

When companies consider using illegal software in the attempt to save a small amount of money, they miss sight of the benefits of using legal software and the far greater financial returns it delivers.

Below is a short overview of what LEGAL EmbroideryStudio e4 users received since the launch of this version.

  • 3 major updates
  • 40 brand new features
  • 40 new fonts
  • 8 new Elements
  • Integration to the revolutionary contactless production system
  • 100’s of feature and efficiency improvements
  • Inclusion of many previously paid add-on Elements now standard

Shortly, we will be writing an article to go into much more detail about all these items above, so keep posted.

Aware of pirated illegal software?
Please contact your Wilcom account manager today so we can level the playing field, or report non-genuine software to 

Are you using pirated illegal software?
Contact our sales team anywhere in the world, and we will help you to become a legal user. It will be far more cost-effective to do the right thing today.

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