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Tour of EmbroideryStudio Libraries and Galleries

Take a Tour of EmbroideryStudio's Libraries and Galleries

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Designing is the professional’s choice for creating stunning embroidery designs. It includes an array of digitizing tools, creative stitch types, productivity tools, a library of our world-famous quality lettering, and powerful editing tools to build efficient embroidery designs of the highest quality.

Let’s shine a light on the many integrated libraries and galleries that boost your productivity and help make EmbroideryStudio the global standard in the industry.

The Font Library consists of 228 professionally digitized typefaces, consisting of 159 character sets. Any word or phrase is achievable. By popular demand, the latest version of the software also includes 2 NEW Faux Chenille fonts that are waiting in your font library.

The vast number of fonts available is one thing, but the powerful capabilities of the letters are another.  Stylize your typeface with your choice of baselines, spacing and kerning, justification, lettering art layouts, or custom enveloping shapes, allowing you to create new designs and logos in minutes.

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The Motif Library consists of over 240 on-demand motif designs. It offers the user the ability to fill an object with a predefined design. The library consists of Motif runs and Motifs Fills. These 240 motifs have infinite variations as changing the relative positions of the neighbouring Motifs in the Rows and Columns completely changes the look of the motif design. All while keeping the stitch count down.

Motifs available on demand​

The Basic Shapes Gallery consists of 68 various basic vector shapes or borders, such as circles, ovals, rectangles, shields, wreaths, stars, love hearts, and many more. These can be used to create a design quickly, as they generate stitches immediately upon placing them in the workspace.

The Design Library has over 500 sample designs available for you to use. Design Library is so powerful that it is not just for design storage. It indexes all your own designs to offer sophisticated searching abilities. Importantly it will also index your graphic image designs.

The Clipart Library is connected to the design library and it is a powerful productivity tool that allows you to recycle commonly used elements. It comes pre-installed with over 200 sample clipart designs. Use it to record and recover reusable embroidery elements.


Do you work with templates? Templates are special files that store regularly used settings, such as underlay settings, stitch densities, or anything that you might reuse. Create your own gallery of templates to use and reuse over and over again. 

Brenden Prazner, Wilcom’s Chief Product Officer, says templates are the ultimate time saver!

Today, we showcased just some of EmbroideryStudio’s powerful productivity-boosting and time-saving tools that might be overlooked and underutilized. 

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