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WilcomWorkspace Truesizer is helping production

How an affordable application is helping embroidery production worldwide

WilcomWorkspace Truesizer’s latest features are set to simplify production, regardless of your business model or software, for less than the price of a coffee.

Whether your embroidery production is in-house or you outsource your digitizing or production, the colorway additions and production reporting capabilities will simplify your business. 

Use software fit for purpose!

Outsource Embroidery

WilcomWorkspace Truesizer is a companion application to Wilcom’s editing software. Don’t have Wilcom software, don’t worry!

Non-embroidery personnel can access embroidery files without using digitizing or editing software. The easy-to-use primary functionality of the Truesizer application removes the complexity of embroidery, making adding colorways to embroidery designs and production reporting available to anyone in the business.

Truesizer can work as a standalone application depending on the complexity of your business. 

Easily add, edit, or remove design colorways and output professional worksheets for any embroidery production team. Find out how >>

Repeat Orders

All color data is stored in a single embroidery design file!

Ensure Logo Color Consistency

Once color thread information is added to the embroidery design, all the data is stored in a single embroidery design file and will ensure logo color consistency between orders.

In-house Embroidery

WilcomWorkspace Truesizer can be used as a stand-alone application or together with Wilcom’s flagship embroidery design software to streamline the production process.

Now you can create and manage embroidery design colorways within the online Truesizer application, affordably allowing admin or production staff to open and prepare EMB designs for production. 

No need to access digitizing software for administrative work. The Truesizer application offers a Customizable Thread Collection feature allowing you to create your own company thread chart based on your thread stock. 

Now with all your thread colors registered against the EMB design, anyone can edit embroidery design colors or create new colorways using the existing threads.

WilcomWorkspace Truesizer

In addition, Truesizer can print multiple colorways on bar-coded Production Worksheets & Production Summaries for clear garment instructions. The specialized EMB designs are now accessible to other responsible staff members, allowing the digitizer to focus on digitizing.

We’re excited to invite you to try a new affordable web-based embroidery application backed by Wilcom’s world-class technology.

Get WilcomWorkspace Truesizer for less than the price of a coffee.

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