Create your own Wilcom .ESA font with Font Creator

Creating your own font with Font Creator is one of the most satisfying digitizing experiences. To be able to craft a font which is unique or maybe a true type font that just does not stitch well is a real achievement that you can be proud of. Once the font has been created you can:
  1. Apply any Embroidery Studio baseline to your lettering.
  2. Create User Refined Letters
  3. Apply Auto Kerning
  4. Change the letters size
  5. And much more
Consider making your own fonts with symbols. In this example, I’ve used the Anyshape line and I have allotted different colors to the letters.

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4 thoughts on “Create your own Wilcom .ESA font with Font Creator

  1. I have over the years bought many of the Viking Software, and unfortunately though quite pricey, I have 2 that I kept, 4D Extra and 5D Extra, both with additional modules, and both are acting awry, and no longer have “customer support”. I am quite disgusted with them, and Viking is not deserving so much of my respect or loyalty, as once a new version comes out, until the last purchase of 5D extra, I decided to not purchase from them again.

    I have also some Embrilliance software I have not yet been comfortable using, as I must be missing some methodology, as the design, and added lettering never translates into a good design so far.

    I have an older 12 Needke Happy machine, as well as 3 Desigber ones, and am not a business. I once years ago thought about it, but life happenings fit in the way.

    I do charity and gift embroidery, and often add designs, wording to quilts I make.

    I have the Dakota collection also older, 2007 I think, as well as many other designs. At 66 I do not want to invest a lot again into user friendly software, but am curious as to what may be available to combine a design with added lettering that looks good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You, Cobi Lee Henry

  2. Hi Cobi Lee,
    Great to hear from you and congratulations on charity work.
    Wilcom has been developing and supporting their software for coming on 40 years and I am sure we have a package that would suit you, whether you are a commercial user or a hobbyist.
    I note that you are in the US, as I am based in Australia I think the best advice I can give you is to contact our distributor in the U.S.
    The U.S. Head office can be found at this link
    They will be in the best position to offer advice and support.
    I really appreciate your interest and if you have any requests for more video articles please post here.

    All the best


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