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From Sports Field to Design

Harness the Power of Fonts to Elevate Sport Logo Designs

A Step-by-Step

As the Women’s Football World Cup 2023 begins in Australia, it’s an opportunity to discuss the power of fonts in creating sports and team logos.

Legibility and Visibility
Designing sports logos for apparel requires careful consideration of legibility and visibility, especially in major sporting events like the Women’s Football World Cup. By utilizing popular sports fonts, designers can harness a range of advantages that contribute to an impactful sports or team logo design.

Familiarity and Association
Popular sports fonts offer a sense of familiarity and association, instantly connecting the logo with the world of sports and resonating with fans. These fonts often carry a sense of tradition and history, lending authenticity and longevity to the logo design.

Used Across Platforms
Moreover, their visual impact and high legibility make them ideal for ensuring clarity and visibility across various platforms, including apparel. By adhering to industry standards and trends, the logo remains current and relevant to sports fans worldwide.

See how it’s done in EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing. We’ll utilize Wilcom’s extensive font collection and automatic lettering capabilities, for powerful results.

Remove Overlaps with Sans Serif Fonts

Let’s break free from the conventional and think outside the box. Choose any robust, timeless, versatile Sans Serif font that embodies strength and adaptability. Combine it with EmbroideryStudio’s powerful capabilities to craft an innovative logo effortlessly.


Create a rectangle and fill it with Tatami at an angle with 0.50 Spacing (tone-on-tone spacing). For underlay, use Edge Run and Double Tatami. Finally, use the Reshape tool to edit the arch for the ball.


Font Swiss 721 Blk BT with CAPITALS was selected because it’s thick, and we are planning on using it as a cut-out. The height of the word WOMEN’s is 10mm, and FOOTBALL is 15.48mm.


Select the words and click Arrange > Remove Overlaps to cut out the lettering from the background. Do the same with the stripes.


Select the rectangle and use the Simple Offset or Outlines and Offsets tool to outline with Triple Run. Click the Create offsets for holes option. This will outline both the rectangle and the letter holes in one step.

TIP: Triple Run was selected because it creates clear needle penetrations points, whereas the Backstitch will offset the needle penetrations.


Each outline may now be selected independently. Select the outer border and convert it to Satin Stitch.


For the football to be on top. Use the Knife tool and make 2 cuts at the rectangle base to remove the curved outline. Digitise the football and use its own satin stitch border.


Finally, add the Satin Stitch stripes using Column C to digitize.

These robust lettering tools enable us to effortlessly cater to both our American and Australian audiences by easily substituting “Football” with “Soccer” in our logo design! 😊


Ready to embroider! We have chosen fluorescent yellow embroidery thread to symbolize Australia’s iconic green and gold colors.

Tip: To create a puff effect within the cut-out sections, consider using a thin layer of wadding.

Women’s sporting competitions, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup, provide a platform for digitizers to create impactful logos that celebrate women’s strength, skill, and passion. 

Use the power of typography and EmbroideryStudio’s lettering capabilities
 to create distinctive logos for any sport, whether it’s Football or Soccer.

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