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Layer with Reef Photo Stitch

Paint with embroidery layers

using Reef Photo Stitch

Bring a logo or digitizing to life with layers of tonal thread colors.

To produce this unique design, we use an image rather than a photo. We incorporate layers of varying shades, and the end result is like an embroidery painting.

If you recall, the Reef Photo Stitch creates a single color design that never crosses over each other and only has a single trim. We use this to our advantage and ask the graphic designer to separate the color layers of our Cherry Blossom design and export each color into bitmaps.

Cherry Blossom layer 1
Cherry Blossom layer 2
Cherry Blossom layer 3
Cherry Blossom layer 4
Cherry Blossom layer 5

The 5 overlapping colors create a sea of pink, reminiscent of Spring in Japan when the Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom!

Reef Photo Stitch close up

Use the Creative Element, Reef Photo Stitch to lay down the first layer of stitches. Then continue with  Reef Photo Stitch for all the pink layers of the tree. Do this one at a time. Color each layer a different tone of pink to add dimension.

Then simply digitize the trunk and branches as you would normally. (Try adjusting the Random factor of the Tatami stitch to create a rougher trunk surface or a split pattern effect to simulate bark).

The layers create a powerful sense of depth.

Cherry Blossom Tree graphic design
Cherry Blossom Tree using Reef Photo Stitch

To finish off, the outlines around the letters and Japanese characters are easily duplicated in EmbroideryStudio using the Outlines and Offsets tool. The Backstitch is used for a pronounced outline.

Enquire about EmbroideryStudio Elements

The designs can be as simple or as complex as you like. Combine Reef Photo Stitch with standard digitizing for spectacular results.

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CorelDRAW tutorials

If you require further information about color and printing color separations using CorelDRAW, please watch these tutorials. For this and other advice about getting the most out of this powerful package, make sure to visit the Corel Discovery Center.

To print color separations in the method shown below, the colors in the design must be Pantone colors.

Color Separations

Color Palettes

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