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Sequence Toolbar

Resequence quickly with drag'n'drop

Object List

EmbroideryStudio has many time-saving features that can greatly reduce the time to create or edit a design.

Today, I will discuss the Sequence Toolbar and illustrate different ways to resequence designs. You may prefer one over the other.

I imagine we are all familiar with dragging and dropping in the Color Object list to change the order of stitching. It still works fine but I find this can be very confusing in long lists of objects.

There is a better way!

Resequence by color, by order or by number

Open up your Sequence Toolbar;

  1. Back and Forward by object
  2. Back and forward by color block
  3. Start and End
  4. Re-order by selected object
  5. Reorder by color block
sequence by color

See how easy it is

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One thought on “Sequence Toolbar”

  1. Thank you John for doing the videos and leaving them for us to go back for revision. Once, twice, three times is the minimum I need to keep the information in my mind.

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