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Shading and Open Fills

The Trapunto Effect is a very cool feature included as standard in EmbroideryStudio Designing. With a single click a travel runs is forced to the edge of an object so it cannot be seen. Trapunto can be used in combination with the Shading and Open Fill Element to create a range of open textures and  graduation of color.

See it in action 
(See how the travel run disappears at 2.22 minutes)

Once you add the Shading and Open Fill Element to your software, the shortcut icons will be found in Stitch Effects and the main Toolbar.  

Quick and easy ways to add depth & dimension
to your embroidery with powerful SHADOWS, SHADES

This one Element helps create complex shading and open fills to add dimension, color and perspective to embroidered designs. Simple menu selections let you create a range of effects using complex combinations of stitch patterns, spacing, angles and more.

A list of features included in the Shading and Open Fill Element;

  1. Accordion Spacing – Produces a graduated effect by varying stitch spacing.
  2. Color Blend – Allows one color to blend into another color perfectly.
  3. Stipple Fill – A run stitch scrolls around within a shape.
  4. Cross Stitch Fill – As the same suggests.

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