Wilcom’s Social Distancing Production Solution

Wilcom’s Physical Distancing Production Solution for your Workplace

Safe efficient work processes

In today’s new world, keeping staff safe is a priority, and Wilcom’s wireless embroidery solution is perfect for maintaining your physical distancing protocols.

This package is full of functional features and includes many Wilcom favorites, including the library of 226 professionally digitized embroidered fonts absolutely free!

Combined all these features help limit contact between digitizer, production manager and machinist, assisting with physical distancing in the factory.

Ready to go Contact-Free?

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 EDITING + EmbroideryConnect

Let’s break it down.

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 EDITING Software

Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Editing embroidery software has been purposely developed for non-digitizing administration and production staff, and certainly packs a punch in terms of its capabilities and functionality. Let’s see what it can do…

What can it do?

Full Editing capabilities

Full editing control over .EMB object properties allow for recoloring, reshaping, and resequencing of ALL design objects. Change underlay, densities and other settings to suit different fabrics or logo size.

Correct small technical mistakes or incorporate simple customer changes without sending it back to your digitizer, saving time and increasing your embroidery productivity.

Automatic world-class lettering

226 Fonts Available

With over 226 professionally digitized embroidery fonts and direct machine connections, you can quickly and efficiently create and stitch new variations of existing designs. Includes seven 3D-ready fonts.

Add world-class lettering to your designs like a professional digitizer.

Design Database Integration

You have complete access to the integrated Design Library to search designs quickly by customer, order, date or any text field.

All designs are automatically indexed for fast search.

Approval and Production 

Create Customer Approval Forms with realistic images of your digitized design that look like real embroidery (Wilcom’s TrueView)

Prepare designs for production with barcoded production worksheets with the accurate thread colors for your machine operators.

Selection of Embroidery Designs Included

400+ Digitized Designs

Over 400 professionally digitized sample designs included for your use.  Accessible through the Design Library public folder.


69 Predefined designs

Choose from several different baselines (arc, circle or vertical), or get creative with enveloping. There are 69 professional predefined monogram designs or design your own.

Standard Team Names

Speed up production and don’t waste time manually handling individual names! 

Import a list of names to add to the logo and be ready for either single or multi-head production.

Color and Thread Charts

Re-color or add a new colorway to your designs with the color palette and your Thread Docker using your choice of threads.

Change background color and much more.


Use EmbroideryHub on your ES Editing software  to manage your EmbroideryConnect devices, view and schedule embroidery jobs for each machine. 

Wirelessly send or queue designs to your embroidery machines from your desk.



EmbroideryConnect Computer


EmbroideryConnect is a cost-effective wireless Embroidery Machine Networking that answers the call of many embroidery companies to simplify the complex and costly embroidery machine networking. 

For many users, this has already transformed their business. Embroiderers no longer need to walk between PC and machine each time they have a new design. The barcode and scanner connectivity means designs are correctly selected from the design queue in EmbroideryHub,  ensuring the right design is sent to the right machine every time, and reducing common, costly mistakes. 

This saves time, money and adds safety!!

Instant feedback with LED light notification

The LED light strip on the EmbroideryConnect device positioned on the embroidery machines change color depending on the activity and status.

The instant feedback uses multiple LED lights to notify the operator of the machine status. These live updates limit the need to move between machine and computer when loading designs.

EmbroideryConnect LED light status update

EmbroideryConnect is compatible with Tajima |  Barudan | Happy |  ZSK |  Brother |  SWF |  AVANCÉ |  RiCOMA | Toyota and other popular embroidery machine brands. 

All these features help limit contact between digitizer, production manager and machinist, assisting with physical distancing in the factory.

The perfect combination to improve the safety and efficiency of your embroidery business.

Your new safe embroidery production workflow

This EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Physical Distancing Production Package delivers all that you need and much more from your desktop, placing full production management control in your hands while removing close staff contact.

Watch how ‘EmbroideryConnect’ works

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Now is the time to reach out to Wilcom and find out how EmbroideryStudio e4.5, and EmbroideryConnect can simplify your embroidery processes making it safer for all staff.