How to cut your digitizing time in half!

Often, a digitizer will choose to do a more basic design because of limited time instead of creating something a little more special.

With EmbroideryStudio e4 Elements, you no longer need to make this sacrifice! 

These add-on Elements automate many complex embroidery techniques, which means you can bring your visions to life and still meet tight business deadlines. Innovative designs attract new customers and drive your business forward.

Save time without losing the full design control or quality
that Wilcom famously delivers.

To showcase what is possible I asked our in-house digitizer to come up with a cool logo design for a Fruit Market business….  Check out this video

Add-on Elements featured in this logo design

Motifs  |  Shading & Open Fills  |  String (Paghadi) Stitch  |  Auto Arrangements  |  Custom Splits

To see each Element in action

See our full list of add-on Elements

All designed to improve design and increase productivity

or contact your local Wilcom reseller for more information.

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