Some compelling reasons to upgrade DecoStudio to EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating

There are many compelling reasons to update from DecoStudio to e4 Decorating. Here are a few
  • Instant smart Design
  • Tabs
  • Product Visualiser
  • Library

Instant Smart Design

Instant smart Design will create an .emb embroidery file from a raster image within seconds, but what I like about it most is that you get an instant estimate of a stitch count for quoting. Calculate stitch count with Smart design Instant Smart Design


Make it easy to manage all the files you are currently working on. Copy and paste all or part of a design from one tab to another. Tabs design management Tabs for easy management of current working designs

The Product Visualizer

allows you to show an image on a garment, in this case, a virtual embroidery ready for printing on a garment with a Direct to garment printer. Watch in the video how you can send an approval sheet with this image direct to your customer from the software.
DGT Print
Ready to print to a DGT printer
Ready to print to a DGT printer


The best until last! Search, sort and leave notes in your files, including garment sizes, colors and customers name and order details. No laborious searching of folders to locate a design you know you have somewhere! Simply add all folders where you store your files and search immediately. Once you have added the customer’s name to the file you can search and sort by customer or other tag. Visit the video on the Library here

One thought on “Some compelling reasons to upgrade DecoStudio to EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating”

  1. Thank you, We think Decorating is a great product and well worth the update.
    Please come back and visit regularly. Are you using Deco Studio or Decorating?



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