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Stipple stitch for an artistic effect

Stipple for an Artistic Effect

With origins in quilting, stippling is used to fill large open areas on quilts and help hold down the inner foam. Tighter stippling flattens the quilt background and highlights the unquilted areas for an embossed-like effect.

Stipple Fill creates a textured effect and fills a closed shape with a meandering running stitch pattern.

Wilcom expands on the original Stipple and adds other effects to the basic stitch type producing, a total of 3 unique stitch types.

Map of France


Used to pronounce a thin run stitch and increase its definition.

Stipple Stemstitch

Used to add texture and volume to a design.


The original meandering run stitch.

All the Stipple stitches are another creative way to reduce stitch count, machine run time, and customer cost without sacrificing the embroidery design.

The loop spacing controls the density of the stitches. The tighter the loop spacing, the higher the stitch density resulting in better overall coverage. Using a contrast thread color helps define a shape and is perfect for use in large embroidery designs, as the run stitch generally produces few stitches than satin or tatami fills.

With embroidery efficiencies considered, the final design has an artistic dimension and best of all, can be reshaped and re-sized, the same as all object-based embroidery in EmbroideryStudio software.

The finished embroidered design is soft and flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Faux Chenille

Stipple Stemstitch

Wilcom used Stipple Stemstitch with Madeira’s Burmilana thread to add texture and volume and create a faux chenille effect with a standard embroidery machine. Read more>>

Stipple Fill Dragonfly

Wilcom’s in-house digitizer uses Stipple Fill in this gorgeous dragonfly design. The wing surface looks effective with layers of colored sections and a stippling effect that covers the entire wing for add movement.

Try using Wilcom’s Stipple Fill and variegated thread for extra color.

Define shapes | Add texture | Low stitch count | Flexible embroidery | Unique design 

Stipple Fill is available in the 
Shading and Open Fills add-on Element.

Shading and Open Fill Element is compatible with EmbroideryStudio Designing software.

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