Cubbies and Wilcom's Embroidery Web API

Cubbies automate its business process with Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API

April 19, 2022

Wilcom takes a first-hand look at a company that uses Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API to run a successful embroidery personalization business. Cubbies specialize in personalized gifts for children, babies, and all occasions.  One of the company’s co-founders, Lee White, discusses the impact of using Wilcom’s technology in their business. Why did you get into this niche […]

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Customized Thread Collection in WilcomWorkspace

Customizable Thread Collections in WilcomWorkspace

April 15, 2022

Introducing Customizable Thread Collections No longer limited to only one thread brand. Select and use all the thread colors on your shelves. Create your own unique company thread collection for the first time. Select colors from a massive range of embroidery thread charts and save the ones you own in your Thread Collection for use […]

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custom splits

Split the difference with custom splits

April 5, 2022

Split the difference with Custom Splits How to add dimensional effects to your embroidery! Outstanding digitizers aim to create an exciting design with texture and detail while optimizing the design for efficient machine run time. Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio offers multiple Elements that can automate many complex digitizing processes. One of my favorites is the Custom Split […]

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Introducing price tables in WilcomWorkspace Estimator

Introducing Price Tables in Estimator

March 23, 2022

Introducing Price Tables The latest WilcomWorkspace Estimator feature is sure to impress. The new feature generates real-time quotes for digitizing and production for the first time. Enter your own digitizing and production price matrix into the new settings area for use over and over again. Estimator uses your pricing and our stitch estimate to generate a comprehensive, […]

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TrueSizer Pro e4.2

TrueSizer Pro e4.2 Announcement

December 15, 2021

TrueSizer Pro e4.2 Announcement TrueSizer Pro has been a great product that you’ve used and loved over the years. However, all good things come to an end, and TrueSizer Pro e4.2 is on Wilcom’s discontinued list. The latest release of e4.2 will be Wilcom’s last version release. Don’t worry! We’re giving you time to adjust. […]

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Traditional Chenille embroidery

December 7, 2021

Chenille and EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing Chenille continues to be a popular technique for specialist embroidery houses with the right equipment. Traditional chenille embroidery is made with a single, continuous yarn worked into the material and raised in a loop or pile. Commonly recognized by loops of yarn, chenille provides a soft fuzzy carpet-like appearance. Because […]

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WilcomWorkspace Estimator

Introducing WilcomWorkspace Estimator

November 25, 2021

Quote with precision & speed Announcing our newest addition to the WilcomWorkspace suite, Estimator. What is Estimator? Estimator is the perfect companion to WilcomWorkspace Studio, Wilcom’s on-demand embroidery applications. Designed as embroidery software for everyone. How does Estimator work? Easy to use Estimator solves many of your quotation problems, saving you time and most importantly, […]

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Create custom logos easily

Tips for Creating Custom Embroidery Logo Designs in Minutes

November 15, 2021

7 Tips for creating custom logo designs from EmbroideryStudio software lettering EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing provides exclusive tools for creating professional quality embroidery designs. With over 220 professionally digitised fonts, Wilcom’s premium software delivers precise and reliable lettering every time. Clients don’t always have logos, or hosted events don’t have graphically designed logos. This means that […]

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Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API Team Names

Embroidery Web API

November 3, 2021

Do you sell garments, embroiderable accessories, gifts or toys on your website or plan to develop an e-commerce website soon? Then you’ll be pleased to learn about Wilcom’s embroidery automation software tool kit. Offer personalized embroidered products from your website Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API The tool kit is Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API, and it lets embroidery […]

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Tips for faux Chenille

Best-practice for faux Chenille embroidery

October 27, 2021

Tips & Best Practice for ‘Faux Chenille’ embroidery! The key to achieving flawless faux chenille is selecting the correct THREAD! Burmilana wool blend embroidery thread creates an interesting texture and fills objects quickly. When paired with the correct stitch types, it creates the look and feel of Chenille without the need for expensive specialized attachments. […]

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