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Cutout Embroidery

Leaving a negative area in your embroidery design not only saves lots of stitches, the process could be the simplest embroidery exercise you will ever complete. In fact, there is absolutely no digitizing skill required to make the file.

All you need is a clear raster image and three tools.

3 Tools

  1. Instant Smart Design
  2. Outlines and Offsets Element
  3. Remove Overlaps

Instant Smart Design

Step 1.

Select the rasteer file, in this case a .jpg and click the Instant smart design icon in the Auto Digitize Toolbar

Create an Offset

Step 2.

Select the advanced outlines and offsets tool and create an offset vector line at the required distance, in this case I have chosen 8 mm which is enough space to avoid small internal cutouts between letters and good distance off the letters and still create a profile following the general shape of the word. (See the first image)

3 Tools

Step 3.

Select the vector line and click on the Tatami fill icon to create the fill


Step 4.

Either use the Sequence toolbar or  drag the newly created fill, in the Color object list, before the lettering so the lettering sits on top of the fill.


Remove Overlap

Step 5.

Select the lettering which is now sitting on top of the background and from the Arrange menu select Remove Overlaps.

The dialog box that appears has minimum settings, they will not adjust to zero but insert 0 in all fields and accept what is offered.

We are using the lettering as a “cookie cutter” and want it to follow as close as possible to the edge of the lettering.


Apply Outline

Step 6.

Adding the Outline.

7 steps may seem like a lot but remember we have not digitized a single object.

We have simply selecting an object and clicked various functions.

All that remains is adjusting underlays density and pull compensation if necessary.

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