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Do you Outsource your Digitizing?

Keeping in mind that many people outsource the design components of their embroidery files and add lettering in house, I wanted to make some comment on the benefits of including editing to your embroidery software even if you outsource your digitizing.

We have all seen the variation in a stitch out depending on the fabric the design has been stitched to.

A common problem is if a design digitized for drill fabric is then stitched on a knitted garment or other stretch material, often there will be registration problems where adjoining segments  do not align correctly.

This can be fixed easily by a simple realignment of the shaping nodes or even changing the stitch angle of one or both of the objects.

Neither remedy is complicated and does not require an in depth knowledge of digitizing.

Stitch-Angle and shaping

EmbroideryStudio comes in 4 basic versions

  1. Lettering
  2. Editing
  3. Decorating
  4. Designing

Each level includes all of the features of the level below.

So Editing includes all of the features available in Lettering – plus the ability to EDIT

Change Thread Colors and Brand

Change a color or create colorways for a design based on the color of the garment the design is to be stitched to.

How many of us keep written notes of color combinations on plot sheets? What happens when the plot sheet is damaged or lost?

Why not keep all the information including the thread brand, color, different combinations of color and even the garment and color of the garment within the .emb file.

Color and Brand

Fill or Outline

Easily add edit  or delete borders from objects.

Objects created in the software are vector based i.e. they are a malleable shape that can be changed and the resulting stitched object will reflect the properties of the shape.

Common properties would be underlay, stitch density, stitch angle etc. Thinking  a little laterally the shape could be a fill or an outline, it follows that if you duplicate an outline or a filled shape and duplicate it then you can change the property to the other type, fill or outline

Watch to see what's possible...

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