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Nesting Objects using the Travel Toolbar

Traveling through a  design is useful to understand the order of objects in a design but more importantly to identify where thread trims are and if necessary “nest” an object in the sequence.

To open the Travel toolbar go the Window Menu>Toolbars and select the  Travel Menu from the list.

Left or Right clicking on each of the icons will move the cursor through the design by the that part of the design.

Left clicking will move the cursor toward the beginning of the design and Right clicking will move toward the end of the design. 
The location of the cursor is identified with a  white cross.

Here is a tip for you – the third icon in the Select Toolbar will select the object where the cursor is located.
The TAB key on your keyboard is the shortcut to advance through the design by object and Shift TAB moves back through the design by object

Once you have traveled to a point in the design using this method it is possible to “nest” and object at that point.

Notice in Figure 1 the cursor is at the end of the first object and in image 2 the connector run stitch is nested between the two original objects to join them and avoid a thread trim. the original object 2 becomes 3 and the Dome, 4th object is stitched last and covers the joining stitch 2.

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