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Day: 18 June 2019

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio freehand - Cyncopia

Cyncopia – Sabine Schulz

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends to send us stories of how they started working in the embroidery space, searching for interesting people and importantly, interesting works of art. We were not disappointed! Sabine Schulz sent us her short story, which we hope you enjoy. My name is Sabine and come from the North German…

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What can I learn from a simple Line of Lettering?

In this article we look at what we can learn about an embroidery file in the different views available in the VIEW TOOLBAR. The First 4 icons determine how you view the design, in turn from left to right: Keyboard shortcut “T” for True View. This view simulates the finished Embroidery Stitch out. Keyboard shortcut…

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User Refined Letters

User Refined Letters You may have noticed some letters in some fonts do not perform well when stitched out if the letter size is too small or perhaps too large. Classic examples are the lower case “i”, when the dot on top merges into the vertical column and makes a single shape, and the inside…

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