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Embroidery Lettering


The Branching feature intelligently sequences objects then groups them so a start and finish point can be allocated to the group. Each object must touch or be overlapped by another object in the group that is to be branched.Overlapped segments will be hidden behind objects that are later in the stitch order. The keyboard shortcut…

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How to create a line of lettering on any shape of baseline including a spiral

The Any Shape baseline is the most versatile of all, able to create a straight line of lettering through to a complex Spiral. Look for the baseline in the list As with all tools left clicking creates an angle node and a right click creates a curved node, once you have clicked the Create Text…

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What can I learn from a simple Line of Lettering?

In this article we look at what we can learn about an embroidery file in the different views available in the VIEW TOOLBAR. The First 4 icons determine how you view the design, in turn from left to right: Keyboard shortcut “T” for True View. This view simulates the finished Embroidery Stitch out. Keyboard shortcut…

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The Versatile Baseline

The Baseline is a property of a lettering object and may be changed at any time, even after the object has been created. The Baseline is one of the great benefits of the Embroidery Studio lettering system and should be preserved.There is no need to break the lettering object apart to manipulate a single letter,…

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How do I create lettering on a curved line? ARC CW or ARC CCW

Baselines are a property of a lettering object and like any property they can be changed , so a Freeline can become a curve and vice versa even after the line has been created, by selecting the line and choosing and alternated baseline. In this video I will show you how to create  two curved…

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Connectors Tab

Connectors – the functions between objects

Connectors are the machine functions that occur between objects or in the case of lettering inside the object and between each letter. The functions are: tie off trim jump/run (the method of moving from one object to another) tie in These functions can be embedded into the objects using the Function toolbar.Remember if the function…

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Your first line of lettering created on a Freeline

Whether you are using a lettering package or a high end digitizing system the same standard procedure to create lettering applies.When you are talking about Wilcom’s lettering it is difficult to use the word “basic” as there are so many options available.However in this video I demonstrate the basic freeline, which in all likelihood, will…

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