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EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing-Halloween

Halloween Embroidery Designs Made Easy

Halloween embroidery designs made easy with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing Transforming ordinary designs into captivating embroideries has never been easier, thanks to the innovations brought to you by EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing level. Witness the seamless process as Wilcom designers effortlessly convert graphic designs into spellbinding embroidery creations, perfect for Halloween! Halloween Tips & Tricks To…

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High Impact Low Stitch Count

High-Impact & Low Stitch-Count Designs

Digitizing for High Impact & Low Stitch Count! Every stitch, color change, and trim take up valuable machine time. Minimizing trims translates to saving hours in the production schedule, as Janos Horvath, a Wilcom International veteran with incredible experience in the Indian industry, explains. “Machines usually run at 700-800 stitches per minute for optimum results, and…

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Women's World Cup Football logo

Wilcom’s Predefined Baselines

The Power of Wilcom’s Baselines for Sports Logos As the highly anticipated FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kicks off in Australia, it presents a perfect occasion to delve into the significant role fonts play in crafting captivating sports and team logos. To achieve remarkable outcomes, we will harness the exceptional font collection and advanced lettering features…

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EmbroideryStudio's Lettering Art

Wilcom’s Lettering Art for Sports Logos

The Power of Lettering Art for Sports Logos A Step-by-Step As the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 begins in Australia, it’s an opportunity to discuss the power of fonts in creating sports and team logos. Here we use Brushed Script and Varsity fonts combined with Lettering Art. Let’s discuss the power of using Lettering Art for…

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Women's World Cup Football

From Sports Field to Design

Harness the Power of Fonts to Elevate Sport Logo Designs A Step-by-Step As the Women’s Football World Cup 2023 begins in Australia, it’s an opportunity to discuss the power of fonts in creating sports and team logos. Legibility and VisibilityDesigning sports logos for apparel requires careful consideration of legibility and visibility, especially in major sporting…

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The Anointing Screen: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation. Digitizer Pete Tarrant

The Anointing Screen: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Wilcom: A Crucial Partner in Creating the Anointing Screen Today, we are thrilled to share the remarkable story behind the creation of the Anointing Screen for King Charles III’s coronation.  In a captivating display that merges tradition and digital technology, the Anointing Screen showcases the seamless convergence of hand embroidery from the Royal School of…

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EmbroideryStudio Reporting Capabilities

Reporting design information with EmbroideryStudio How do you present the design embroidery information to your customers and the rest of your team? Well, EmbroideryStudio has built-in customizable reporting capabilities. Built-in Reporting EmbroideryStudio is a comprehensive embroidery software program with customizable reporting options for any of your business needs. Reports can contain some or all of the…

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Fuwari embroidery rabbit design

2023 year of the rabbit 3D FUWARI

2023 Lunar New YearYear of the rabbit! To celebrate 2023 and welcome in the Lunar New Year, Wilcom is trying something a little different. Fuwari Embroidery! What is Fuwari? Fuwari is a unique embroidery technique that can be achieved with any embroidery machine. It creates a tactile, fur-like embroidery that is beautifully soft to the…

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Tour of the libraries and Galleries in EmbroideryStudio

Tour of EmbroideryStudio Libraries and Galleries

Take a Tour of EmbroideryStudio’s Libraries and Galleries Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Designing is the professional’s choice for creating stunning embroidery designs. It includes an array of digitizing tools, creative stitch types, productivity tools, a library of our world-famous quality lettering, and powerful editing tools to build efficient embroidery designs of the highest quality. Let’s shine a…

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Embroidered Christmas Cards

Embroidered Christmas Card

Adding a personal touchthis Christmas Do you remember when Christmas cards came in the mail? Wilcom wants to bring back that special Christmas spirit by demonstrating how to create a unique card design for your loyal customer.  Yes, of course, it involves embroidery!  In fact, we are using a multi-decoration approach. We are mixing vector graphics,…

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