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Sequencing Toolbar

Sequence Toolbar

Resequence quickly with drag’n’drop EmbroideryStudio has many time-saving features that can greatly reduce the time to create or edit a design. Today, I will discuss the Sequence Toolbar and illustrate different ways to resequence designs. You may prefer one over the other. I imagine we are all familiar with dragging and dropping in the Color…

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Hand Stitch Effect - Black Panther logo

Hand Stitch Effect for logo designs

Natural hand-styled embroidery designs are all the rage in fashion Get Ahead of the Game with Hand Stitch Effect Take the lead and easily incorporate these trends into your embroidery offering without the complex digitizing involved. Now you can do it in seconds with the NEW HAND STITCH EFFECT. Simply apply this effect to your favorite stitch…

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Ever wanted to digitize dazzling sequin designs? EmbroideryStudio already offers a Single Sequin Element for the creation of single sequin runs and fills. EmbroideryStudio e4.5 now also supports twin and multi-sequin design. Create dazzling multi-sequin designs Multi-sequin designs are digitized for twin- and multi-sequin machines, including double-twins. These are available in the Sequins Advanced Element….

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Mirror Merge

Mirror Merge

Create Perfectly Symmetrical Designs with the Mirror Merge tool Balance is the key to great design, but symmetry is one of the tools you can use to get there quickly. Here, we explain how EmbroideryStudio’s Mirror Merge tools works. For the most part Mirror Merge has two main function; Copy and MIRROR in Rows and columns….

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Spiral Fill Bluebird

Use Spiral Fill to digitize a realistic bird design

How to use Spiral Fill to create a realistic Bluebird design from a photo You asked and we will deliver, let’s break down this beautiful bird design, created mostly with the Spiral Fill Element. Digitizing from a photo Sometimes as a digitizer, you receive a photo of fauna or flora (trees or birds) that are…

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First look at EmbroideryStudio

A First Look at EmbroideryStudio

To be successful at any endeavour a sound foundation of knowledge is essential. In this article and attached video I have “cherry picked” Menus and features that I think are the foundation to build the required knowledge and become a competent digitizer. The list is not comprehensive but I think a good place to begin,…

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Eye of the Tiger - Reef Photo Stitch

Eye of The Tiger Reef Element

Reef Photo Stitch Element Today, Wilcom brings you their newest creative technique using the REEF PHOTO STITCH Element. All our Elements are specifically designed to simplify complex digitizing techniques giving you the edge. EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Element The Reef Photo Stitch creates a single color design that concentrates in darker areas.  Pras, a Wilcom team member,…

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Natural organic stitch effects for machine embroidery

Natural organic hand stitch effect for machine embroidery

Natural hand embroidery styled designs are popular, but difficult to produce by digital embroiders. The latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5 feature is called  “Hand Stitch Effect.”  Apply this newest effect to your favorite stitch types, and you’ll have a natural hand-embroidered look that is highly sought after. The effect can be applied to satin, tatami, run, and…

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Spiral Fill Element

Easily add motion and dimension with Spiral Fill

The Spiral Fill Element produces stitches that spiral OUT from the centre of an object. It is useful when trying to emphasize movement in your digitizing. However, it works best with simple shapes that can be stitched in ONE segment. Easily creates motion and dimension with low stitch counts The default property values produce tight…

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Motifs in Easter egg designs

Motif as a Stamp

There are four methods of adding a motif pattern to an Embroidery Design in EmbroideryStudio 4.5 Individually placed randomly (Stamp) As a Run As a Column As a Fill Each of these applications is based on the same library of Motif shapes. Procedure To select the motif you wish to use as a stamp you…

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